Posted by thehailo on 2010-10-16
Play Games. Heal Kids. Extra Life 2010.

Play Games. Heal Kids. Extra Life 2010.

I just want to share with everyone that tomorrow, well, actually in about eight hours, I’ll be partaking in a 24 gaming marathon. This isn’t just for fun though, it’s part of the Extra Life charity benefiting local children’s hospitals around the world. My hospital of choice is the Riley Hospital for Children in downtown Indianapolis, IN.

I urge everyone to check it out. Whether you can donate, or just spread the word, or even game yourself, there’s plenty to do for everyone interested. The average income for each additional gamer is $100, so even just recruiting your gamer friends to participate is fantastic.

I’ve met my personal goal, which is great, but please don’t let that discourage you from donating. My goal is an arbitrary number I plucked from the sky; the money is still going towards helping sick kids. Also, while I do apologize for the late notice, it’s far from too late to get involved. Next Saturday (the 22nd) is “make-up” day for anyone with previous obligations preventing them from participating tomorrow. Additionally, to give people time to get money in late, mail-in checks through snail-mail, etc., the foundation is accepting donations through November 15th.

So, game, donate, tweet, anything! In the meantime check out my profile page about what I’m doing or to get involved, in addition to a few ways to contact me. I’ll be available on Skype the entire time, so feel free to give me a call and join in on the gaming! Video explaining more after the jump!

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