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Portal “Transmission Received” Achievement Walkthrough

Portal “Transmission Received” Achievement Walkthrough

Portal received one of the most cryptic game patches in history today, simply stating in the changelog “Changed radio transmission frequency to comply with federal and state spectrum management regulations.” Your first thought, like mine, is likely “what the hell?” Well, some gamers quickly noticed an associated new achievement with the patch, titled “Transmission Received.” I’m not going to go into the huge effort to decode all the stuff coming out of this patch, including viral videos, encoded images, and lots of hints at a new Valve game, possibly Half-Life 2: Episode 3 or Portal 2. That’s being dealt with elsewhere (as well as the hard work behind this walkthrough), so here I just plan to provide an easy to follow game guide to walk you through how to obtain this new achievement and unlock a little of the mystery.

To begin, this achievement deals with 26 radios scattered throughout the game. All you have to do is find each radio and bring it to a certain point of the associated puzzle, such as the exit to the next area of a big red button so often used to unlock something. When you do, the radio will cease playing music and begin playing…something else. Sometimes it’s Morse code, other times it’s images encoded using the fax protocol. What exactly the radios are playing is what all the fuss in the above Steam forum thread is about, but for our purposes here, that’s when you know you’re near your goal. Typically by that point you’ll unlock a part of the achievement.

Got that? Find radios; carry them to a goal of some kind; profit. Sure sounds easy. Of course, this is Portal, so we can expect some twists.

Finally, I want to thank everyone in the original forum thread mentioned above as well as everyone who left a comment below for all your help, corrections, and hints at polishing this howto.

Radio 1/26 (Test Chamber 00/19):

The first radio is of course the easiest. When you awake in your cell you’ll immediately hear it and see it sitting on the table. Grab it and carry it with you into the next room. Once you step on the giant red button, the achievement will unlock 1/26 and you can drop it and continue.

hl2 2010-03-02 00-05-00-72

Radio 2/26 (Test Chamber 01/19):

After getting off the elevator between the first and second puzzles, you’ll approach a ledge. Before you step off this ledge, peak immediately to your right and you’ll find the second radio sitting on top a security camera. You can either reach this by scooting as close as you can with your left foot seemingly off the edge, or by jumping and grabbing it in mid-air. Either way, grab it and you’ll see a revolving portal in the room below. Drop the radio in the room with the button for the moment and go through the puzzle as normal. After you acquire a cube and beat this puzzle, grab the radio, approach the button, and you’ll unlock part 2/26.

hl2 2010-03-01 23-56-31-26

Radio 3/26 (Test Chamber 02/19):

After obtaining the blue portal gun and exiting the orange portal, turn around and you’ll see the radio sitting on top a wall. Shoot the blue portal on the ceiling above the ledge and step through the orange portal to pick up the radio. You’ll unlock the achievement after jumping down and stepping on the platform on the floor below marked with arrows that you originally grabbed the blue portal gun off.

hl2 2010-03-02 01-03-56-03

Radio 4/26 (Test Chamber 03/19):

The next radio is easy enough to spot towards the end, and easy enough to grab. Sitting atop the security camera overlooking the exit, you can shoot a blue portal above it and grab it, or grab it while falling. Easiest of all, you can just shoot one behind the camera, which will cause it and the radio to fall to the ground for easy pickings. The harder part is finding the precise location where the transmission unlocks the achievement, which is actually mid-air. It may take a few tries, but put the blue portal where you see it on the ceiling in the second screenshot below and jump through the orange portal and you’ll unlock 4/26 in no time.

hl2 2010-03-02 01-11-37-67

hl2 2010-03-02 01-17-25-33

Radio 5/26 (Test Chamber 04/19):

The fifth radio is pretty easy. It’ll drop from the suspended box along with the cube you need to complete this puzzle. Just grab the radio and head back to the elevator that brought you to this level. A few steps from it you’ll unlock the achievement.

hl2 2010-03-02 01-28-25-03

Radio 6/26 (Test Chamber 05/19):

The sixth radio isn’t hard to find, but it’s tricky to grab at first. You’ll immediately see it in the room you enter after pressing both buttons, which you must enter to complete the puzzle. However, the door locks behind you and any portals you shoot into the room disappear once you enter it, so the trick here is to shoot a blue portal on the floor under the radio after you open the door, letting it fall to the platform hanging under the orange portal. After you grab it, take it into the pit where you found one of the cubes to get credit for this one.

hl2 2010-03-02 01-35-01-63

Radio 7/26 (Test Chamber 06/19):

The seventh radio is a little tricky to spot, but not too hard to grab. It’s hidden on top the ledge holding the device that shoots the energy balls. You can see it peeking out in the screenshot below. Just place a blue portal like I did (after completing the puzzle) and you’ll be able to reach through the orange portal and pick up the radio. Take it with you to the exit to unlock the achievement.

hl2 2010-03-02 01-44-39-62

Radio 8/26 (Test Chamber 07/19):

Grabbing the eighth radio just requires crouching and crawling under the staircase you walk down to enter this puzzle. Carry it with you to the exit elevator to unlock the achievement.

hl2 2010-03-02 02-05-26-58

Radio 9/26 (Test Chamber 08/19):

The ninth radio is another you may simply grab through an open portal. It’s hidden under the ledge shown in the following screenshot, so just shoot a blue portal behind it and you’ll be able to grab it through the orange portal. Just make sure to crouch so the energy ball doesn’t zap you. Once you have it shoot a blue portal back to the entrance area and carry it with you. You’ll unlock the achievement as you near the elevator you came in on, in front of the sign telling you what level you’re on.

hl2 2010-03-02 02-11-59-57

Radio 10/26 (Test Chamber 09/19):

Next up is another jumping one. While standing on the platform under the orange portal, shoot the blue portal above the radio as shown in the below screenshot. Quick Save to save yourself some time if you don’t get it on your first try, assuming you don’t enjoy repetitive and frustrating activities. Once you jump through the orange portal, either try grabbing the radio or knocking it off the platform into the room with the large red button. Your enemy here is your alignment to the radio and lack of control while falling. It may take a few tries to orient yourself so you’re facing it properly while falling, but overall this is an easy one. After finishing the puzzle carry the radio with you to the exit elevator to knock this achievement out.

hl2 2010-03-02 02-20-32-36

Radio 11/26 (Test Chamber 10/19):

Next up is the puzzle introducing you to portal momentum. In the second room you come across the radio will be readily visible on a ledge on your left side. Place the blue portal as shown below, hugging the bottom of the panel and the wall the radio is on. Jump through the orange portal, and you can either grab the radio or pretty easily knock it off its ledge while mid-air. Carry it to the bottom of the pit, next to the orange portal, to get one step closer to this elusive achievement of portaly happiness.

hl2 2010-03-02 02-33-51-96

Radio 12/26 (Test Chamber 11/19):

The 12th radio is another one you can just grab and go. After you reach the middle platform and grab the orange portal gun part, note the radio sitting just outside the door leading to the exit. This door is timed so you actually won’t be able to reach the radio by entering the room. Instead, shoot a portal just next to the door as shown, and then ride the elevator back to the wall where you can shoot the other portal. As you reach the wall, quickly poke through and grab the radio. The period that the moving platform remains at the wall is very brief, so don’t worry if it leaves without you. Remain motionless and you can balance on the wall while it comes back. Ride it back to the center platform where you found the orange half of the gun to wrap this one up.

hl2 2010-03-02 02-49-31-29

Radio 13/26 (Test Chamber 12/19):

The 13th radio is the best hidden so far. Once you reach the very end but before you exit, stand on the edge of the platform and you’ll see just a bit of the movable wall beneath you sticking out. Crouch and drop onto the movable wall and look back; the radio is on one of the arms holding the movable wall up. Grab it and carry it back to the big red button, then run along the back wall behind the button to continue.

hl2 2010-03-02 03-14-16-16

hl2 2010-03-02 03-18-43-93

Radio 14/26 (Test Chamber 13/19):

This next radio is readily visible as soon as you enter the door from the entrance room. During the course of completing the puzzle you’ll have to power up the moving platform and access it to get the cube sitting on it. While on the platform you can grab the radio, then it’s jut a matter of returning to the catwalk in the entrance room for credit.

hl2 2010-03-02 03-32-23-04

Radio 15/26 (Test Chamber 14/19):

The 15th radio is actually kind of fun to get. It’s on a ledge above the right wall leading to the door you must open once you obtain a cube. Start by shooting one portal just under it as shown, then run up the stairs in the opposite direction. After you reach the top of the stairs they’ll drop, providing you with a pit. Shoot your other portal into the bottom of the pit and jump through; the momentum will be enough to shoot you out of your first portal and within reach of the radio. In the second screenshot below you can see the pit below you, with my first portal under the radio in the distance.

Don’t worry if you miss the first time. Thanks to the fact both portals are on the floor, you’ll just bounce between them indefinitely until you move to one side or another. So, just lay off the directional keys and focus on orienting yourself with the mouse. As previously, Quick Save (in case you hit your portal at an angle and launch out at an odd direction), and assuming a good line-up, smash your use button until you grab the radio or knock it down. Keep it with you until the next room of the puzzle, which will have a three-platform jumping puzzle. As you reach the middle platform you’ll get credit for this achievement.

hl2 2010-03-02 04-09-21-22

hl2 2010-03-02 04-12-14-04

Radio 16/26 (Test Chamber 15/19):

Radio 16 is another you can just reach through and grab, or grab/knock down while falling past, depending on your style. It’s on top of the arm holding up the movable wall you launch yourself off of to get through the barrier in the first room of the puzzle. Take the radio back to the starting elevator to make it count.

hl2 2010-03-02 04-34-31-74

Radio 17/26 (Test Chamber 15/19):

The 17th radio is by far the toughest to get so far since it requires not just precise shooting, but also quick timing. Basically, as the screenshot below shows the radio is trapped in the small room behind the twin timed doors that you must get an energy ball through. After you get the energy ball through, next you have to get yourself through. Basically, part one is setting up portals so you can quickly move between the two button rooms. Have a portal in the other room and one just behind you. Hit one button, immediately jump through to the other room, and then hit the second button. This is where the second part kicks in.

You only have a few seconds before the timed doors close, so quickly run to the edge of the button room you’re in. You need to shoot one portal on the floor just under the opening to the room with the radio and your second portal just under you (avoiding the platforms that take you up to the button rooms of course). Jump off the ledge and your momentum will shoot you up so you can land inside the room with the radio. The doors will crush you, so get through quickly and grab the precious. You’ll be stuck, but that’s fine; an emergency hatch will open under you and let you out. Carry the radio with you to the exit to wrap this one up.

hl2 2010-03-02 04-52-07-92

Radio 18/26 (Test Chamber 16/19):

Radio 18 is apparently Valve’s apology for the previous one. You’ll find it in a room towards the end of the level on top a stack of cubes. Just grab it and backtrack a few rooms to the not-so-well-hidden “secret” room behind the movable walls.

hl2 2010-03-02 05-18-08-63

hl2 2010-03-02 05-21-04-55

Radio 19/26 (Test Chamber 17/19):

The 19th radio is under one of the panels you need to raise to complete this level. It’s pretty easy; after raising all three platforms just grab the radio and take it with you along with your companion cube. You’ll get credit when you reach the area where you’re forced to commit one of the saddest actions imaginable.

You’re a monster if you can bring yourself to continue playing further.

hl2 2010-03-02 05-35-21-99

Radio 20/26 (Test Chamber 18/19):

The 20th radio is the hardest yet. Finding the radio is simple; along the way through the level you’ll see the opening below on the left side, with the radio sitting inside on the staircase. The real fun is finding where the hell to register it for the achievement. You’re welcome, that’s all I have to say.

After grabbing the radio, continue on for two more platforms. On the second platform, turn back towards the previous one (where you heard static, the platform between you and the platform you found the radio on) and note the outcropping on the ceiling shown in the third screenshot. Drop a portal in the corner on the ceiling above as shown, pop your second portal, then either drop down carrying the radio or drop the radio in itself and you’ll get credit once it hits the ledge. Of course, Quick Save before trying this in case you or the radio bounce and the achievement doesn’t register…because the only thing left for you/it to do is fall to the water below if you miss.

hl2 2010-03-02 06-01-57-23

hl2 2010-03-04 11-42-51-78

hl2 2010-03-04 11-46-54-47

Radio 21/26 (Test Chamber 18/19):

The next radio is very easy, at least when compared to the puzzle required to beat the level itself. Upon entering the room full of platforms, turrets, and watery death below, there’s a box containing an energy orb receptacle to your left. There’s also a platform far below you on your right.

The radio is on top that box to your left. The easiest way to get it is to drop one portal on the floor next to the box, then jump off the right edge of the platform to the landing below. While falling, or ahead of time for those who don’t like the occasional risk, drop your other portal so you shoot out of your first one with plenty of momentum to spare, gaining access to the radio. Keep it on you while you access the lower deck of the two level structure across the way (the one with the small button controlling the timed movable panel) to get credit.

hl2 2010-03-02 07-03-25-62

Radio 22/26 (Test Chamber 18/19):

Next up is a jumping puzzle Portal style. There’s a pit to your immediate left upon entering the room leading to the level exit (visible in the first screenshot below as I fall towards it). This pit is essential in completing the level and just so happens to house the levels final radio as well. For now though, leave it be and complete the level as normal. Once you reach the exit, peek over the edge of the platform and you’ll be able to see just a bit of the wall back on the bottom floor as you can see in the second screenshot. Shoot a portal down there and one near the exit and dive in. Drop back into the pit one last time, grab the radio, and shoot a portal (hint: not the one near the exit) for a quick and easy completion.

hl2 2010-03-02 07-37-35-26

hl2 2010-03-02 07-39-18-79

Radio 23/26 (Test Chamber 19/19):

The next one may appear difficult, but is actually fairly easy to get to, along the lines of what it took to get the second radio. After you save yourself from the furnace, look into the pit of fire below and focus on the right wall. You’ll spot the radio sitting on a ledge. Just shoot a portal next to it and one near yourself and you can grab it with little effort. Just be sure to Quick Save first, just in case you step out too far. The fire is unforgiving because it knows what you did to your companion cube.

The more difficult part is turning it in. There’s nothing terribly difficult, but you’ll have to lug the radio with you for a few minutes until you enter an office deeper in the building. During normal play it’s easy to bypass the office since the first door you come across is locked, so you can just portal across the way and continue on without checking out the office, now accessible, behind you. The second screenshot below shows the office from the locked side; after crossing the room as normal make sure to backpedal and turn in the radio at the office.

hl2 2010-03-02 08-01-11-53

hl2 2010-03-02 22-33-37-37

Radio 24/26 (Escape):

You’re almost there! The 24th radio is a little out of the way but pretty easy over all. You’ll soon come to a room with five massive crushers that bounce to the ceiling and return. When you do, turn back and you’ll see the side path shown below on your left (it’s on my right because I took the screenshot just prior to entering the room with the crushers). The bottom floor is fenced off, but you can shoot a portal on the wall on the other side of the fence to get around it. Run down the new path and you’ll find a small room entrance on your right side. Just inside is the radio. You’ll have to keep the radio with you for a bit, but there isn’t anything special required to turn it in. Shortly after finding it you’ll come across another room with four smaller crushers, two vertical and two horizontal. Once you reach the concrete landing directly on top of the vertical crushers, which you do during the normal course of beating the puzzle, you’ll get credit for the radio.

hl2 2010-03-02 22-48-34-52

Radio 25/26 (Escape):

The second to last, or penultimate (sorry, but I NEVER get to use this word), radio is hard to miss. Shortly after getting credit for your last one you’ll find a room separated with a fence and what appears to be a turret lab on the other side. As you progress normally, just grab the radio off the table next to the turret with the functioning laser sight and move on. Soon after you’ll enter a room where you’ll see a note on the wall pointing that you need to go up, and just next to that note is an entrance to a small room, as you can see in the second screenshot below. Carry the radio into that small room to make it count.

hl2 2010-03-02 23-20-51-52

hl2 2010-03-02 23-23-31-90

Radio 26/26 (Escape):

Whew. Can you taste it yet? That is victory, good sir. The final radio is fairly easy. Shortly before the final confrontation, a few minutes after your last radio, you’ll come across a large room where you’ll be ambushed by a number of turrets revealed through opened hatches on the walls all around you. The floor will have a large ditch in it. When you reach this room, dispatch of all the turrets as you normally would. After that, run around the ditch and you’ll find the radio sitting in there. Grab it and lay it in the middle of the floor where it’s readily visible, then continue as normal. It’s very difficult so carry the radio with you through the jumps you have to do here, so don’t even try. After you reach the ledge you need to, drop a portal next to you, then shoot your other one on the floor under the radio and bring it to you. You’ll have to repeat this trick on the next jumping puzzle which is similar, just of smaller scale. Shortly after this second jumping puzzle, you’ll come across a room with steam venting overhead and green industrial equipment ahead of you. You’ll get credit for the achievement, once and for all, as you approach the green equipment.


hl2 2010-03-02 23-40-20-06

hl2 2010-03-02 23-40-05-09

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  1. Ratty says:

    Radio 3: Take it to the exit, the button is not the solution for this one.

    Radio 14: Wait till the platform is moving, you can just take it while you’re standing on that.

    Great guide though, thankyou! I’d misssed the well hidden one in chamber 12.

    • Jacob says:

      Wow, I must have been half asleep when I wrote my original solution for Radio 14; thanks for your tip! Your way is far, far easier.

      I don’t get your reference to Radio 13 however. I just ran through it and got nothing by taking it towards the exit elevator, but it lights up and goes crazy when I take it over the arrow marked platform you obtain the blue portal gun from. Did you mean another radio?

    • Chris says:

      oh ya and on radio 10 instead of doing all that, you can just jump on the cube and jump while pressing the grab button to grab it. I tried your way and it kept being hit into the partical beam

    • Suki Rios says:

      i actually managed to land on that ledge somehow

    • Jan says:

      Me too hehe, great guide btw. The sound of the radio scared me shitless when I first heard it.

    • Nate says:

      Hey, thanks for the help! but I have several problems! after the first 2 rooms of 1/19 they dont work, meaning room 3 from 1/19 and till the end, non of them work but the first two, the light turns green and there’s some static, and once even mores code but it didnt give me any more to the achievement. Thanks for any help you can give!

    • buu342 says:

      that is because u have the achievement already.

    • Someone says:

      Or your not logged into steam if your using a computer. happened to me too.

  2. tigereye001 says:

    Thank you so much! This is a lifesaver 🙂

  3. Darth Vella says:

    There’s at least three in the ‘escape’ levels as well. One in the big fire pit – grab it through a portal. One in the room with the broken turret that won’t shoot you. One in the massive turret ambush room, down in the little ditch where you first portal into the room.

    Thanks for the great work! Hope this helps.

  4. Ratty says:

    The one in the sludge, in the massive turret ambush room during your escape:
    Retrieve the radio and place it in the middle of the room. Solve the room as normal and then when you’re at the top, leaving the room, fire a portal at the floor and one under the radio. Take it towards the two green machines at the back of this area and it’ll go green.

  5. Steve the Pocket says:

    Just a clarification: You listed the second radio in testchamber 15 as being in “testchamber 16”, and testchambers 16 and 17 are mislabeled as 17 and 18, respectively. Caused me to skip over that second one in chamber 15 because the numbering suggested there was only one per level until chamber 18.

  6. Simon says:

    Hey on your guide on radio 4, the second screenshot is quite wrong. Yes the radio needs to be transmitted in the air, but if you put the portal on the wall next to the cieling the achive is alot easier to get ^_^ (mail me if you want a screen shot)

  7. ST says:

    I’ve got the 23rd radio, but the achievement counter doesn’t tick over from 22 when I bring it to the office. The light is green and I have used no cheats.

    I seem to recall this happening during HL2 Ep2, but I don’t remember how to clean things up. Any ideas?

    • ST says:

      Nevermind – it appears the Steam servers are down for maintenance. GLaDOS coming online, no doubt.

  8. avoidingwork says:

    I used an easier way for radio 20: from the platform labelled with two dots, drop a portal in the roof (the other side of the wall/ledge to where it is in your screenshot). Drop your second portal in the floor near where you’re standing. You can then crouch down and hold the radio through the portal, where it will get reception. No need for you to jump through or drop the radio.

  9. Vulxani Solas says:

    The radio in test chamber 19, (the one in the fire) doesn’t have to reach the office. I was carrying it along the broken ledge, (The one that you have to portal jump to get to the other side) and then it tuned in. It sounds a little complicated, but I just thought I’d mention it.

  10. Connor says:

    For radio 23, there’s a slightly shorter way to get it. Instead of waiting until you portal across to the other side of the office, you can just hold the radio up to the outside of the window of the office and it will work.

  11. Qatie says:

    There’s a MUCH easier way to get radio 13. Simply leave the one portal on the angled section of wall that you use for the last jump, then drop through a portal in the bottom of the stairwell. Only instead of dropping all the way from the #2 position like you would to get to that top level, drop from one level lower (the #1 square in the floor). If should shoot you perfectly onto the support beam facing the radio.

    • Suki Rios says:

      …that would have saved me a half hour of trying to get on the damn wall

  12. Lorna says:

    much easier way!

  13. gob says:

    I can’t get the achievement! I got most of the radios while being offline,and it appears it only counts when I’m online…this means there is no way to obtain the achievement.

  14. Sean says:

    Radio 4 (testchamber 03), I found it MUCH easier to shoot the wall on the top row of tiles, between the first two tiles, then just walk through the orange portal. No plummeting to the ground required.

  15. Justin says:

    There’s an easy way to get #10, take the cube sitting nearby and place it just in front of the material removal field, then jump onto of it, then jump and grab the radio while in air. It will probably take a few tries and some positioning to do but it’s really quite easy.

  16. Epsilon says:

    It comes up some special sounds when you destroy the radios in the fields… have anyone tried to destroy them all? Maybe there lies some more info in it… it’s possible to do it.

  17. ZachCrisis says:

    On number 23, screenshot two, you only have to walk up to the window using that small ledge.

    But the rest of the guide was great, really easy and precise.

  18. Frank Wales says:

    There’s an easier way to get to radio 13. Instead of crouching and trying to fall off the ledge so that you land on the movable walls, you can just jump to it through the portal on the angled wall that you set up to get to the end.

    Go back down to the level with one dot on it, and jump down from there through the portal on the lowest floor; when you come out the other end on the angled wall, you consistently land right where the radio is.

  19. Nizati says:

    Thank You so much!!! I actually had figured out quite a bit myself all the way to radio 13. <.< I have a pretty bad habit of always carrying stuff around, and I knew the achievement Had to involve the radio..

    @.@ I'm at the "escape" radios now, thanks to your help. Wish me luck with the rest!! ^_^

  20. matt says:

    i did every single one of the and for some stupid reason i only have 25 -_-

  21. K-chan says:

    Do you have any advice on technique for snatching radios through portals? Radio 7 took me an obscene amount of time to get and I’m still getting barbecued every time I try for radio 23.

    • Jacob says:

      Unfortunatly not much. The feedback to this walkthrough has taught me something: different people have ease/trouble with vastly different tasks. Some of the earlier feedback describes walking very straight as difficult, in favor of bouncing out of a portal and jumping with precision (I find walking a fine line much easier).

      Anywho, I never had trouble with reaching through the portal. Especially in the fire, just stay clear. You don’t need to be physically touching the radio to be able to pick it up, so just make sure to Quick Save and only get “close enough.”

  22. B.g says:

    I got a probelm/
    i did the radios upto chanmber 14 and then it dropped down to only 2 radios
    a second ago it said i did 15 radios but then it now says i did only 2!!!
    help me
    i wasted 30 minutes to get the 15 radios

  23. Boomer says:

    Just a note…number 12 (chamber 11/19) CAN actually be collected by entering the room behind the timed door…

  24. Ben Lind says:

    Wow, great walkthrough! Thanks so much!

  25. cHace says:

    i have the same problem does anyone have a fix?

  26. Rocksk9ter94 says:


  27. Kufaz says:

    thank! if you cheat by putting on Sv_cheats, you will not get the achievement, but you can type sv_portal_placement_never_fail into the console (which allows portals to be put anywhere) and still get the achievement

  28. Doc says:

    Stop cheating lol. Sv_cheats 1 disables all achievements. Just a tip, trust me, I tried no-clipping my way through it after 4 full runs for the damn camera shy but I got the same thing, green light-music change, yet no achievement. Food for thought.

  29. thatguy says:

    i noticed something that sounds really cool in a weird way. take a radio through a emancipation field thingy.

  30. Im2Charming says:

    Your the best, Mate
    I never would have thought to look under the platform on #12

    I also made and effort to get every radio vaporised when i was fisnished with it

    Completed Successfully

  31. Poultron says:

    Thanks so much for your guide. To be honest though I didn’t use it as a walkthrough, but rather as a check for each level to make sure I didn’t get all the way through, only to realise I’d missed one >somewhere<.

    (I did also find and get to radio 13 all by myself which, sadly, is my proudest Portal achievement so far).


  32. Heather Pierce says:

    Portal is one of the coolest games that i`ve played this year. Valve did it again ladies and gentlemen.

  33. baramoes says:

    thank you for the awesome guide,
    it really helped me and i couldn’t stand it that i had 1 achievement left that i couldn’t do, but with your help i did it and now i have 100% 😀

    greetz from the netherlands

  34. Austin says:

    This was very helpful and also very entertaining to read through (really, who gets to use penultimate these days?). Great job and thanks again!

  35. CunningStunt says:

    Radio 23/26 (Test Chamber 19/19)

    You dont actually need to enter the locked office with the radio, it will tune from the locked side of the glass window if you get close enough.

  36. JoMan112 says:

    It looks like I missed a radio somewhere, but I have no idea which one I missed, is there any way to find out besides with guesswork?

  37. Jessiecat says:

    i had the same problem, so i ran through the game and finished it again. after that they showed up.

  38. NickNackGus says:

    Radio 9/26 (Test Chamber 08/19)
    I just redirected the energy ball to its catcher, then dealt with the radio. It can be reached from the moving platform on the way to the exit.
    I couldn’t have solved the later puzzles without you, thanks!

  39. NickNackGus says:

    Radio 12/26 (Test Chamber 11/19):
    Instead of grabbing the radio from the moving platform, try the floor under the observation room you start in. You can do this even without the full portal gun.
    I had to get an account because Mollom kept resetting Captcha, making it think I typed the wrong thing.

  40. NickNackGus says:

    Radio 23/26 (Test Chamber 19/19):
    If you reach the area to the left of the last picture, you can leave the radio there. The door on that side opens from the office. The fans leading to this room can kill you, but will stop if ANYTHING but YOU enter them. After that, they’re harmless.

  41. Ryan says:

    The one that Ratty was referring to was number 3, not 13. The guide says that it needs to be taken to the button, but it actually needs to go to the exit.